Welcome to You20.0

  • Rs. 299.00

Welcome to You20.0  (Your Journey to Your Best Version by Discovering and Achieving Your Dreams)

This book has all the tools required in your entrepreneurship journey. 

1. Multiply your net worth by 200. 
2. Imagine what you need to become to be that successful. 

Won't that version of yours be much higher than what you are today? 
Welcome to You20.0 is a thought-provoking journey that will challenge you to dream big and help you to achieve your best version during the process of pursuing those dreams. 

Atul Jain's desire to share his proven formula for finding your most important dreams and the vision of your life is the key inspiration behind this book. He unveils the secrets in a step-by-step approach that will assist you to raise yourself to help yourself as well as the humankind in a very simple, yet compelling manner. 

Your passion to achieve your biggest dreams will introduce the world to your upgraded version - You20.0. It will show you how to live a life that you really deserve and leave a lasting legacy for everyone. This book will introduce you to existent simple tools that are readily available for you to start immediately. Most importantly, it will give you a strong mindset that will not allow you to give up until you win.

  • Paperback: 212 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press; First edition (2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1946515078
  • ISBN-13: 978-1946515070
  • Product Dimensions: 15.2 x 1.3 x 22.9 cm